Jumpstarting Lambs!

Normally, the lambs all arrive in one big clutter during late April and early May. Truly the most stunning Spring adventure!

This year however, we have three jumpstarters. They arrived on February 15th and imagine the surprise when entering the sheep shed that morning… being met by the cutest lambs ever.

Our dear relatives, Aunt Liv Kjellrun and Uncle Kaspar had the pleasure of welcoming the lambs, as the farmers are having vacation on Lanzarote these days. Well assisted by Sofie and Josefine the lambs are adapting to the life in the sheep shed, and surely they have been named after their caretakers – the girl lambs are called ‘Liv’ and ‘Kjellrun’ and the boy is named ‘Kaspar’.

The first sign of Spring is here and we dearly welcome Liv, Kjellrun and Kaspar!

Jumpstarting Lambs