Stay with us

Stay with us to experience the amazing nature, to meet the animals, to explore the fauna, the birds, the fish…
Or simply to do nothing! Enjoy the rare sound of Silence, at sea level in pittoresque Sundsvika og by climbing all the way to the peak of Romsskåla (588 meters).


Under the rainbow

We have conveniently gathered a few Quick links that’ll make it easier to book your stay at Øvergården:

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We are available for booking on AirBnB! Make your reservation here to instantly book our timber cabin Ola-Hans Stua.
Or you could simply write us a mail with your desired dates, or give us a call. We will help arrange your stay at Øvergården.


Ola-Hans Stua


NOK 750 per day  –  September 1st-April 30th
NOK 950 per day  –  May 1st-August 31st

Dear future guest,

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, by email or phone.
When contacting us for booking, please include the first and the last day of your visit.

➤  Else Marie: +47 932 57 578
➤  Svein: +47 928 23 685
➤  Mail:


.. or visit Øvergården on AirBnB for instant booking!