➤ Nourish your Soul

The Good Conversation

We are of course concerned that our guests feel comfortable here at the farm – in all ways and for everybody. We encourage the good conversations, sharing each other’s experiences. We have no exact place for such calls, most occur spontaneously, such as on a rock by the sea.

Silence on a rock

The Rare Sound of Silence

Allow your body and soul to do nothing. In Gutvik it is easy to go ‘offline’, to find inner peace and to focus. Let your mind wander without being surrounded by stress. Go for a walk and listen to the nature, to the waves and to the birds. Allow your shoulders to lower down and let your body discover it’s natural pace. Let the nature take you away and just be! The sound of silence is beautiful and nourishing. Charge the inner you as meticulous as you charge your mobile devices.

The sound of silence

Expand your Knowledge

We also mention that we can invite people from the local community, with great knowledge in several areas, to come and share their wisdom. In addition, we can organize an extended guide service. Examples of topics that can be addressed and presented:

➤ Local and national history
➤ Ecological farming
➤ Local natural phenomena
➤ Activities for children and teenagers
➤ Everyday’s philosophy about nature, people and animals
➤ Any topic whatsoever; by request


Welcome to Øvergården – A Farm out of the Ordinary ♥